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Products we believe in

It is our objective to sell and install only the highest quality products for a variety of docks and water levels. We pride ourselves on superior products that we 100% believe in, backed by exceptional service. Spending our days on the water installing quality marine products, we know what does and does not work. Our experience will help determine the best product to fit your needs.

Cantilever style hydraulic lifts

We are proud to be the Texas distributor for Basta Boatlifts! Basta manufactures the best looking, most robust hydraulic lifts on the market. They produce aluminum and galvanized steel lifts for all sizes of watercraft. One of our favorite things about Basta is that they have perfected every aspect of each product.  Each component is thoroughly looked over and cultivated to implement solid, appealing boat lifts. This is just one of many aspects that sets Basta apart from its competitors.


  • 2,000 - 50,000 lb lifting capacities

  • Aluminum hydraulic cylinders

  • Single cylinders on sizes until 10,000 lb. (meaning less points of failure)

  • Patented OverCenter™ technology (gravity locking design)

  • Durable, sleek marine grade metal extrusions

  • Stainless steel hardware

  • Biodegradable hydraulic fluid is environmentally safe

  • Remote control operation, with lock out feature

  • DC or solar power options

  • Newly designed, high quality aluminum/vinyl bunks

basta hydraulic boat lift
boat lift bunks
boat lift
basta hydraulic boat lift

VML Series Hydraulic Lifts

If you're looking for a combination of high quality and aesthetics, this is it! We install Versatile Marine Lifts, which are manufactured by Hydraulic Boat Lifts of Texas. VML Series lifts are essentially "pile-mounted" hydraulic lifts and are 100% custom to you. They are able to be freestanding if you do not have a dock, can be attached to floating docks, modified to use on your existing dock, or integrated into your new boathouse plans. They are built for both freshwater and saltwater. The options on the finish out are endless. The most popular choices are submersible platforms, so that you can walk completely around your boat, or as simple as a cradle. They are truly unmatched in versatility. VML Series are fast, efficient, and top of the line.


  • 8K, 12K, 16K lb lifting capacities (can get higher)

  • Straight up, straight down

  • Suitable for both deep and shallow water, as well as floating docks

  • Can be retrofitted to existing boat slips, independent from dock, or incorporated into new boathouse plans

  • Custom built to accommodate any watercraft

  • Can have a submersible platform finished with flow-through materials, or a simple boat cradle

  • Stainless steel cable driven hydraulically using corrosion-free bronze bearing pulleys with lifetime lubrication

  • The design makes them nearly invisible

  • No winding cables

  • Biodegradable, marine safe hydraulic fluid

  • Marine grade wireless remote system & dockside wired pendant control

  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater

  • Fully enclosed mechanism (zebra mussel safe!)

VML hydraulic boat lift
hyraulic pile mount jet ski lift
hydraulic boat lifts of texas

Custom Dock Sections

We design and fabricate platforms and dock sections custom to you. Whether you need a platform for a hydraulic lift, cable lift, floating or stationary dock, we handle it from start to finish. We typically use extruded metals, with flow-through material such as Titan Deck™, ipe wood, or Endeck® PVC decking finished with dock edging. Everything is designed and welded in house, so special configurations and shapes are no issue. Visit here for more photos.

floating dock section
platform floating

Dock Accessories

We install accessories for your dock such as: canopies, bumpers, edging, ladders, stairs, mooring whips, dock cleats, rollers, flag poles, kayak racks, shelves, and buoys. We also fabricate boat lift accessories such as bow stops, guide-ons, and vertical guides.

dock bumpers edging boat lift
dock bumpers edging
boat lift guide
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