Frequently asked questions

Why will a hydraulic lift make lake life better?

Hydraulic lifts are for those looking for speed, convenience, and safety in a visually appealing manner that compliments their waterfront property. A hydraulic lift will raise/lower your boat safely in seconds with a remote control fob. Imagine this: only 10 seconds and you're floating ready to enjoy the lake!

What about a cable lift?

While we don't particularly recommend cable lifts, we do service, repair, and replace components of them, check out our services tab to find out more. Safety is a big factor when it comes to lifting your watercraft. Cable lifts tend to be loud and intimidating as the cables have thousands of pounds of tension on them and are typically only a few feet away from the operator. Another factor is they are generally dependent on the structure of the boathouse to support the weight of the boat, therefore places unneccesary strain on it. Since most parts are overhead, they are not as attractive as the hydraulic lifts that are barely visible under boat.

How much water depth is necessary for a hydraulic lift?

While we like to see at least 3' of water depth for cantilever style lifts and 4' for VML Series, sometimes, depending on the lake bottom, we can remove the debris to gain more depth. Whether that be via pumping, dredging, or jackhammering it out. We have deep-water hydraulic lift options as well.

What about a drive-on floating PWC lift?

We repair, sell, and install those, too. Contact us for more information!

I have purchased or am looking to purchase a new boat/jet ski. What now?

As exciting as it is, we all know buying any type of watercraft is an investment. Now is the time to protect your new investment! How much longer, wider, heavier is your new boat compared to your previous one? How big is your slip or dock area? Length, width, water depth, height to roof from water level? What capacity does your current lift accommodate? What kind of condition is it in? Let us worry about all of these factors for you while you're enjoying your new purchase. Call or email us to do a site visit to assess your situation to find the best solution for your needs.

What sizes of hydraulic lifts are there?

Whether you have a jet ski, fishing boat, large wake boat, or a yacht, we have options for you! The lift capacities start at 2,000 lbs and go up to 55,000 lbs. If needed, we can have larger sizes manufactured.

How does a hydraulic lift work if I have a pontoon/tritoon?

Simple! We fabricate special kits, that securely attach to any capacity lift. Contact us if you'd like more information about these kits.

Do you work with other contractors/services?

We work with many contractors of all trades! With the kind of work we do, we appreciate and acknowledge the dependable companies in the area. Electric, concrete, landscaping, realtors, zebra mussel removal, boat detailing, property management, whatever you need, we can help guide you in the right direction.

Do hydraulic lifts require regular maintenance?

Hydraulic lifts are mostly maintenance free. However, we reccommend having us come out to your dock to do an annual service check to maintain the longevity of your lift. In this inspection we check the battery, charger/solar panel, structure, cylinder(s), welds, nuts/bolts, and fittings for wear. The warranty on each brand of lift differ, so, give us a call for information on warranties.